Golden River Project is Vinhomes official name Vinhomes Ba Son is considered the golden land of Saigon’s most distinctive. Golden River Apartments Vinhomes whether value for its name Golden or not? Whether any good investment, buy to fit in with your family or not? This article is to share information, evaluate the real estate professional’s advice for you.



With only a few characteristics of the location of the project proved Vinhomes Golden River gold superlative position remains in the center of HCM. This is sure to pharmaceutical any real estate professional you absolutely confirmed yet.

Can also easily recognize the project area Vinhomes Golden River Bason was a lot of large corporations at home and abroad to win the right to develop the project. And Vingroup main city corporations have been delivered and the ministry of defense and development projects oriented Vinhomes Golden River to turn this place into a traditional flower symbol of Ho Chi Minh City, determined to regain the title of “Pearl of the Far East” old.

Traffic connectivity project Vinhomes Golden River is wonderful to be able to circulate in the road (Ton Duc Thang – Nguyen Huu Canh), rail projects directly connected Metro station and tram number 4 Waterway with 5-star marina.

Unlike Vinhomes Central Park project still has some shortcomings such as flooding and traffic jams, the Golden River Vinhomes mostly residents in the project do not have to worry that issue.


As I shared above, the potential of the project location is great Vinhomes Golden River. If you have to evaluate investment opportunities Vinhomes Golden River you must learn the value of the property in front of District 1 or more is the golden land center of District 1. The added value of your products land where gold is considered to be reliable over time, and as long as valuable.


Investment plans for asset accumulation and commercial exploitation:

This plan for the long-term investment clients towards bank loan 1 capital (40% should be the maximum loan to finance the repayment guarantee). After the project goes into operation you use property is Vinhomes Golden River Apartments for rent to continue to pay interest. Then a few years you will get one apartment worth without having to worry depositors of Bank slipped.

Option traders Vinhomes Golden River Apartments:

Based on the experience from the project Vinhomes Central Park, to traders you need to stay alert and choose one Realtor prestige market expertise and projects. Usually in the first floor apartment only 1 couple you can surf is often falls into the apartment with nice view and low numbers.

Also, you should choose the beginning of the project or the block to buy and sell at the right time that you select the consultant Realtor.

SPECIAL, as traders you should not choose the cheaper apartments in the apartment block because usually this design or beautiful view would be difficult not to surrender.